See what all your fellow contractors are talking about. Try HPH e-office at no risk for one month. Fully functional product will allow you to set up your online office, bid jobs, submit RFQ's and use all the other product features.
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HPH is pleased to offer this comprehensive product to assist contractors in harnessing the power of the internet to more efficiently manage the necessary office functions of the modern contractor.

Combining reliable product information with easy to use office tools, HPH e-office empowers contractors to establish an organized and secure virtual office with unlimited access and unprecedented functionality.
Database: Select any of the continuously updated and quality HPH databases
Product Info: Prices, Labor Units, Submittals, Line Art, and Cross References
Office BOM Manager: Manage Customers, Projects, Suppliers, and Material Lists
Discounting: Create and maintain precise "Buy" pricing
Compare Pricing: Check suppliers for best pricing
e-Forms:Create and file smart electronic forms
Output/Integrate: Distribute important business information to other applications